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Resources & Tools

       Tools, generators, and tutorials I used to help make this site.

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Inspirations & Other Cool Sites

Other speculative biology & worldbuilding projects that inspired Chronicles of Terridea!

- Jay Eaton's Runaway to the Stars, arguably one of my biggest sources of inspiration here! Very in-depth, with some super cool characters & stories!

- GarbleGarden's Palindromes, a species of adorable, radially symmetrical little guys. Also, just a really fun website overall!!

- Xzyolotl's Mirumundi, an fascinating fantasy world with a beautiful art style & aesthetic! Still very much a wip, but hope to see more soon!

@hordemama's Space Rabbits | @gallusgallus's Woodwinds | @charseraph's Crowns | @theveryworstthing's Rabbits of Downtrodden | @dimespin's Saratoans and other magic species | @yellosnacc's Uniima | @styllwaters's Vivere 44 | @artofgerald's Minnjord (Minecraft lore expansion) | @dokupine's Belugrins | Almost Real zine | C.M. Kosemen, creator of All Tomorrows, Snaiads, and various other projects