Across the various environments of Terridea, there is a multitude of unique animal and plant species. Tagarou believe in a sort of natural hierarchy that encompasses every living being on Terridea. At the highest level are the deities, the most powerful and revered of beings across the world. Just below them are the tagarou, who, while not as all-powerful as the gods, are still intelligent and regarded as the highest earthly individuals. Below the tagarou are all the animals of Terridea, collectively referred to as “beasts”. Beasts are further divided into three categories with their own levels in the hierarchy, those being (in order from highest level to lowest) Allies, Hunters, and Prey.

       Beasts that fall under the “Ally” category are beasts of burden, mounts, pets, and other animals which serve as helpful creatures in tagarou society. “Hunters” are large carnivores and generally dangerous animals that actively pose a threat to tagarou and ally-beasts, with some of the most notorious being ryxxi and sandweavers. “Prey” beasts are essentially everything that doesn’t fit into the other two categories, mostly herbivores and common prey animals that both tagarou and hunter-beasts use for food, but also smaller carnivores that generally do not pose much of a threat.