Beasts of Legend

       Terridean folklore and mythology often speaks of beasts that don't fall into the categories of hunter, ally, or prey, but can't be considered close to tagarou either. Contrary to their name, however, these "mythical" beasts are very much real, and are incredibly rare. They are known for their unusually high intelligence, strange and unique appearances, and often posess special abilities.


Basic sketch of an etekal in its full-beast form

       Often referred to by humans as "maskrels", etekal (etekal, meaning "deceiver") are magical beasts that are summoned into existence by witches to serve as familiars.

Sketches of etekal from different regions of Terridea; in order, Red Desert, Starsands, Oceanic Empire, Crimson Mountains, Greenwilds, and the Crown of Arayi

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